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Preface:The world is rapidly shrinking with the advent of accelerated
communication, transportation, and financial flows, all of
which have
been fully triggered by highly advanced internet

Thanks to such technological developments in Internet, many companies worldwide have been successful in conducting global marketing for
decades. But global competition is intensifying.

It is widely known that electronic communication via the Internet is extending the reach of companies, particularly small and medium ones,
to worldwide markets, despite their scarce man
agement resources.
The internet has become an efficient means
of everything from gaining
free exporting information and guide
lines, conducting market research
if properly done, and offering
customers far and wide.  

True, most of them would prefer to remain domestic if their domestic
market were large enough. Their management and
managers would
not need to learn other languages and law,
deal with volatile currencies, redesign their products, or face political and legal uncertainties to suit
different customer
needs and expectations…. Business would be easier
and safer.

Yet several following factors are drawing more and more S & M firms
into the international arena:

1.     Overall, those firms that have been successful in offering a unique/
only one product with a profitable price globally,
having no competition overseas, can counterattack their domestic competitors in their home market who might appear presumably three to five years later.

2.    The firms discover that some foreign markets present higher profit opportunities than the domestic market as the outcome of having
served unmet needs prevailing in each of
those markets.  

3.     The firms need a larger customer base to achieve its target profits
toward further growth, which can be realized
only by entering markets
other than their home market.

4.   The firms have to reduce its dependence on any one market such as domestic one if they want to survive in the years to come by distributing business risks and seeking potential opportunity for sales growth and increased profit.

5.  The firms have to understand foreign customer preferences and the foreign country’s business culture to offer a competitively attractive
product and to know how to deal effectively
with foreign prospects
and/or customers.

The firms, however, need not be large to invest in production facilities
from the start of marketing their products in foreign
countries they want
to advance to. Small and medium-size
companies have only to practice
global nichemanship such as
 selling a unique and/or only one product directly to the target prospects to be successful in going abroad and in
their corporate objective.

Then, Japanese S & M firms will need to have some outside
to assist them in achieving the above objective for
the moment because
usually they have no employee experienced
in doing foreign trade, by
using English and other pieces
of working knowledge required to
conduct foreign business

Inversely, this fact is overwhelmingly advantageous to most of small
and medium firms (not limited to S & M ones) from English-speaking
countries like the U.S. when they sell their respective unique
product directly to the target prospects in Japan since English is used
commonly as a marketing language all over the world. 
But one of great obstacles they may suffer in trying to enter the Japanese market is to
have no reliable
sales representative immediately available here.

I, Hidenori Sakato, currently working as an official International Business Adviser approved by JETRO in its past examination, am ready to be
committed to providing small and
medium firms headquartered both in Japan and other countries world-wide with the following services:

1.  Provide Japanese manufacturing firms (sellers) in particular
with the services of “Sales Representative “to promote their
unique and/or only one product to
foreign buyers in the following

1) show select unique and/or only one products of Japanese manufacturing firms on my Website titled “Cool Japan &World”.

2) follow up business communication (inquiries & offers etc.)
between the Japanese sellers and the foreign buyers mainlyby
my E-mail on behalf of the sellers.

3)  arrange for the sellers and the buyers to sign up the sales
which draft is to be prepared by the Sales Rep.
Draft Sales Contract. へのリンク

4)  perform other miscellaneous services for helping close
the sales.

2.  Provide general Japanese companies (buyers) with the services
of “Purchase Representative” to

1) offer them information on select products I search on Websites
and “TTPP
Trade Tie-up Promotion Program ” website operated
JETRO (Japan External Trade Organization), and valuable
products information to be gained from commercial attaches
at foreign embassies in Japan.

2)  perform almost the same services as mentioned in Section 1-2);
1-3); 1-4).
Draft Purchase Contract. へのリンク

Last of all, I would like to emphasize once again the following

Global marketing offers a way for companies of all sizes to grow
by expanding their customer base beyond the domestic market.
However, the complexities of global marketing demand careful
planning and proper ex

Now, let’s work together for mutual business development.

Thank you for visiting.

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